To All My Followers


If you don’t know what Patreon is, it’s this really amazing site that lets you support artists who make art.

If you like my artwork, please consider being one of my patrons. Every patron gets a gift, and I have pledges as small as $10 a month.

I created an account because I’m asking for some help. 

If I could make just a little more money, I could work less hours and make more art. Your feed would be littered with the new things I’m learning to make and do. And I would finally have time to work on some awesome web comics I’ve been planning.

I have a lot of bills, therefore I work many hours to pay them. I realize that nobody really wants to work, but I wouldn’t mind it as much if there weren’t a million things I want to be creating. Too often I’ve set aside a piece I was super involved with to start getting ready for work, and then stand around thinking about all the things I want to create. I feel like I could burst with all my ideas I never get to bring life to because I don’t have time. I could be learning how to animate with all this precious time.

Thank you, you amazing people, the readers who pressed my follow button because they like what do. You have no idea what it means to me to have so much support.

My Happiest Essence

Just a continuation of my previous post. I really like how happy I looked three years ago. Always surrounded by friends and not as worried about being an adult.


My photography teacher was pretty bomb.IMGP2117

I do not know this girl watching me jump but her face right now is the best. It says “Art students are so effing weird…”IMGP2135 IMGP2150

You can never finishemily_expanding_frame033

if you don’t start.

If You’re Even Thinking About Going Back to School

Do it.

I just found a few of my old flash drives and realized how much fun I really had. Not only was I having the best time of my life, I was creating, learning, and being pushed. Normally I don’t like being pushed, but how else are you going to test your boundaries? I made projects I never would have even thought existed.

I miss my messy old beautiful dorm room


And my cool projects

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 11.04.08 AM

And my dumb ones


But most of all, I miss being


the crazy little shit I am.

Leaving it all behind


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