Your Interpretation

Paintings never scan to look quite as nice as they do in real life, amiright?


Still practicing with acrylic and using it as more of a watercolor really. After three failed attempts to paint people I decided to start anew with a basic potted plant. Then things got interesting.

My art never usually means anything to me until after I look at it. At first it was just a standing green potted plant. Added some more color, because that’s always nice. But it still wasn’t good enough so I painted roots coming out of the bottom as if it were floating. Never satisfied, I turned it on its side and painted my favorite thing to paint: a face.

I love when my pieces flow into each other. After looking at it, I felt like it could be a story about nature read from left to right. Organic messy fresh nature flowing into what we do with it; pot it and/or make it prettier (if that were possible), and then consuming (admiring, creating or buying) it. Not necessarily evil just an observation.

What does this painting mean to you? I’d love to hear your interpretation.

Leaving it all behind


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